Sizing can be tricky when it comes to caps. Especially when their heads are still growing so much. That is why we have designed our products to be as accommodating as possible. While we want your little ones to be able to enjoy their new cap, we also want them to be able to grow with it so they can get a lot of life out of it. 

5 Panel Caps: All of our 5 panel caps are designed with a flexible Velcro latching system to allow for littles to adjust their caps as they grow. 
  • Infant: Designed to fit 12-24 months old. Velcro latches evenly at 49 cm, and expands to 55 cm. 
  • Toddler: Designed to fit 2-4 years old. Velcro latches evenly at 52 cm, and expands to 58 cm.
  • Youth: Designed to fit 4-10 years old. Velcro latches evenly at 54 cm and expands to 60 cm. 
  • Adult: One size fits most adults. Velcro latches evenly at 56 cm and expands to 62 cm.


  • Infant: Designed to fit 0-12 months.
  • Toddler: Designed to fit 12 months - 4 years old 
  • Youth/Adult: Designed to fit 4 years and up

If you are unsure about sizing, please feel free to shoot us an email or use our live chat line. We are always happy to assist!